Meet the Designer

Maghie Raye Zeigler

Ask. Learn. Share!

Hi! I’m Maghie!

Long story short, my mother was a horse trainer, and my father was a commercial fisherman.  Growing up, I lived on a horse farm, and my brother and I really did chase alligators in the swamps of Florida.  Florida is also known for its sunny beaches, and so, I lived in the sand, surf, and sun. My love for the ocean continued to grow, and still does on a daily basis.

In 2009, I moved to Korea as an English Language Instructor. For a decade, I lived as a foreigner, taught my skills, and traveled. If I was not out surfing, I was exploring the countryside with my Jindo dog, participating in beach clean-ups, or practicing my Korean skills with the local community and friends.

From these experiences, I have learned to adapt quickly and ask the right questions.  As a result, my life design philosophy is human-centered, also rooted in a background of Psychology.  One important aspect that sets me apart is my travel experience and time that I have spent learning and sharing with others.

Daily challenges will always ensue, but it is our perspective that creates our reality.  I hope to continue to change the world by working with one person at a time. Be inspired to ask questions! 

Live like you surf.  Feel your fears.  Jump. Both feet in.

~ Maghie Raye

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