I was going to get into my car to go sit at the beach to write. Then, I looked around. From the sunroom of a 1930's historic surfside flat, I can see, hear, smell the sea, sand, salt. So what more do I want? If I'm honest: someone to share it with. But not the …

🍌 Banana Illustrated! 🍌

Imagemaking: Denotation Maghie Raye Zeigler Denotation is the use of precise examples to create thought association. These images are simple and easy to recognize as that object. Using Adobe Illustrator, these denotative images demonstrate how simple conceptual designs can be recognized in purest form. Images by Maghie Raye Zeigler


The Navigator ~ Maghie Raye One bright star...that's all it takes to know there is always more...of what, we do not know...but the hope is what keeps us looking for that one bright star ON INSTAGRAM