Video SEO: YouTube (up one spot to #3) ^^*

Great SEO (search engine optimization) is steeped in research and patience! Up one more spot this week to number 3!

Video SEO: Youtube

6 days, no ads, just clean work! Tags, categories, captions!^^ Video SEO is one of the quickest ways to gain exposure, especially when the right questions demand a focused view. ♡

대박 한강 Daebak Hangang: WOH Magazine “Seclusion” draft copy 3

대박 한강 Daebak Hangang"Just"Perched on the rocky shoreAlong the Mighty River HanIt was there life began I to implorePast, present, the coming of new dawnHalf-drunk on spirits of loreHalf-drunk on spirits of storeAlong the Mighty River HanIn as much fervor and strength live we nowAlong the Mighty River HanThe lights, the bridges, silently wondering howAll …