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Summer Storms of Late June 2020 ON BEHANCE.NET


The Navigator ~ Maghie Raye One bright star...that's all it takes to know there is always more...of what, we do not know...but the hope is what keeps us looking for that one bright star ON INSTAGRAM

대박 한강 Daebak Hangang: WOH Magazine “Seclusion” draft copy 3

대박 한강 Daebak Hangang"Just"Perched on the rocky shoreAlong the Mighty River HanIt was there life began I to implorePast, present, the coming of new dawnHalf-drunk on spirits of loreHalf-drunk on spirits of storeAlong the Mighty River HanIn as much fervor and strength live we nowAlong the Mighty River HanThe lights, the bridges, silently wondering howAll …